ISSA Media Editorial Director Jeff Cross talked with Craig Kersemeier, president of K-tech Kleening Systems in Wausau, WI, during the 2018 Experience Convention and Trade Show, about how to recruit and retain quality workers for a cleaning and restoration business. See the full video, “How to Find Good Workers for Your Cleaning Operation,” above.

“Finding [workers] is more difficult than it’s ever been,” Kersemeier says, but his company has had some success with a system of incentivizing referrals from current employees. “They know and understand our culture and they said this would be a good fit for our company, so it works out well that way.”

When asked about recruiting millennials, Kersemeier responded, “You have to have an open mind. I’ve learned to deal with [millennials] through research of what they like to see and how they want to receive it, and we just have to adapt that way. This revolution of having no employees… we’re going to have to become smart enough to realize to make those differences.”

K-tech Kleening Systems, founded in 1975, is a second-generation family-owned business. Operating multiple offices, K-tech provides commercial and residential cleaning and restoration solutions to customers throughout central and northern Wisconsin.

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