By Jeff Cross, Media Directorperfect tech

It was July 2003. My first ever Cleanfax magazine. Not my first that I received in the mail. The first that I produced as the editor. You can see the cover of it on this page. Times have changed, that’s for sure.

Fast-forward to now. Finding the “perfect tech” is often an elusive dream. It’s tough to find quality workers for your cleaning or restoration company. Your options are limited to a few in a dwindling workforce that just doesn’t want to do tough, physical work. I won’t even get into how years ago we were a lot tougher and demanding physical jobs like moving waterbeds were no big deal.

But I want to dig up this topic again. The perfect tech has morphed. It used to be “Can he clean carpet?” or “Can he read a psychrometric chart?” Personally, I never really understood what all those curves meant. Yet now, it’s more about customer service. Can your tech really communicate with your clients? Speak their language? Put them at ease? Does your tech represent your brand the way you want?

The absolute best technician is one who is a constant marketing tool for your brand. Someone you can send to the grumpiest of customers who in turn transforms them into a cheerleader for your brand. An employee you value on the job but can also have over to your home for dinner and take to trade shows and industry events. Someone who, if you get sick or injured, will still take care of business and step up to the plate and go to bat for you.

Kind of sounds like you, right? The perfect tech should be your mirror image, someone who does things your way and ensures your brand continues to succeed.

Now that we’ve defined it all, what do we do to make this happen? Hire the personality. Don’t just hire someone because they have a background in the industry. Although if they do and they have the right personality, that’s a win/win. Look for someone who can communicate, has the people skills you want, and that you can mold into the role of “perfect technician.”

Check out my ‘Take 5 with Cleanfax’ recording with Mark Saiger below. Mark has built more than a few good techs in his time. His ideas are solid and worth imitating.

The perfect tech is out there, waiting for you. Let the hunt begin.

Jeff Cross is the editorial director of ISSA Media, which includes Cleanfax magazine. He is the previous owner of a successful cleaning and restoration firm. He also works as a trainer and consultant for business owners, managers, and front-line technicians. He can be reached at [email protected].