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Procyon product imageSoap Free PROCYON from PROCYON
Procyon: Makers of the original soap-free, detergent-free, green carpet cleaning products. Soap Free Procyon will eliminate neutralizers, rinsing agents and defoamers. Procyon is a cost-effective product in today’s market, eliminating extra cost and proven to work for the professional carpet cleaner for over 30 years. Procyon is your one-stop shop, a turnkey for all your carpeting cleaning needs.
3010320Axiom Clean¬Æ product line from Prochem K?§rcher Group
First we made it mean… then we made it green! An environmentally responsible choice, Prochem K?§rcher Group’s Axiom Clean product line offers proven cleaning performance. Designed for residential and commercial use, the biodegradable, phosphate-free, butyl-free and VOC-compliant Axiom Clean line of products meets or exceeds most major green cleaning program guidelines. Utilizing the latest in polymer technology, the Axiom line provides maximum cleaning performance with minimal residues, helps prevent soil wicking and cellulosic browning, and leaves fibers soft to the touch. Don’t compromise on strength or environmental responsibility!
Esteam Green-Linefrom Esteam Cleaning Systems
Esteam Green-Line products have been developed for the world of environmentally responsible cleaning.Esteam Green-Line products do not contain phosphates, solvents, butyls, (APEs) alkyl phenol ethoxylates or carcinogens and are VOC-compliant. Each product meets or exceeds the environmental choice criteria for green cleaning in today’s world.
3010322One EarthѢ product line from Chemspec
Need green certified carpet cleaner? Choose One Earth. One Earth carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning products are free from perfumes, odors, petroleum-based solvents and corrosive chemicals, making them ideal for use with customers who prefer green-certified products or in facilities with green initiatives. And One Earth’s Carpet Cleaner & Rinse and Rug & Upholstery Cleaner are also CRI- and WoolSafe-certified. Biodegradable. No VOCs. Effective in cold water to save energy.
3010324ResponsibleCareѢ product line from MasterBlend
MasterBlend offers the professional cleaner a line of products that are specially designed for the allergy sufferer, including individuals who are sensitive to harsh chemicals. The ResponsibleCare product line has been tested and proven to be safe for humans, pets and the environment. These products are derived from renewable seed and vegetable sources, contain no perfumes, do not contain phosphates and are biodegradable and environmentally safe with no hazardous VOCs, solvents or other hazardous products.
3010325Release with OxybreakѢ Carpet Pre-spray from CleanMaster
Release with Oxybreak Carpet Pre-spray enhances the long-standing commitment of the CleanMaster SafeClean designation. Release Carpet Pre-spray contains ingredients identified as meeting the standard for greener solutions by industry listing and certification groups. The cleaning power of Release Carpet Pre-spray is increased with the addition of OxyBreak to synergistically enhance cleaning through the power of oxidation. It starts to work on contact to dissolve, dislodge and encapsulate soil, grease and oil for easier removal during the extraction process without the use of any intentionally added solvents, phosphates or other additives.
3010326BotaniClean from Microban products
Cleans and disinfects hard surfaces PLUS cleans and deodorizes soft surfaces! Microban BotaniClean is the only product in its category that’s EPA-registered (#34810-25-70385) with instructions for cleaning and deodorizing carpeting, upholstery and fabrics on the label! When customers ask for “green” products with low-environmental impact, BotaniClean’s broad-spectrum, low-toxicity (EPA Category IV) formulation is perfect. Just show them the label to instantly reassure them BotaniClean is registered for use on play equipment, neonatal/nursery surfaces and toys. And no PPE is required!
Green Balance
Green Balance from Bridgepoint Systems
Green Balance is a line of carpet cleaning products from Bridgepoint Systems that is truly better for the indoor and outdoor environment as well as cleaning technicians. The Green Balance line also accomplishes the most important task of all — cleaning dirty residential carpets! All Green Balance products use readily biodegradable, renewable surfactants and contain no solvents. They contain no known carcinogens, are non-toxic and contain no added fragrances or dyes. CRI approved. Visit our website to learn more.
RMR Botanical image
RMR Botanical from RMR Solutions
RMR Botanical offers superior penetration into porous substances, such as wood, concrete, drywall and fabric, while killing and preventing mold and mildew as well as preventing odors caused by bacteria, fungi and other organisms. RMR Botanical is a nontoxic, biodegradable bactericide made with thymol oil and an EPA-recognized (EPA category IV) disinfectant and a fungicide. RMR Botanical requires no warning labels, PPE, rinsing or wiping. Non-flammable, non-combustible, and non-corrosive, this product has a shelf life of two years and can be fogged with a cold (ULV) fogger.


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