Effects of Tech Changes on Restoration


NORTHBROOK, Ill.—January 10, 2020—Cleanfax Managing Editor Amanda Hosey talked with Darren Hudema of PuroClean about recent technological advancements in drying equipment, 3D modeling, and more, and how this new restoration technology is changing the industry.

Hudema explains that much of the new restoration technology centers around documentation for different aspects of the job, making it easier for companies to hold their techs accountable, save time, and demonstrate the scope of work to customers and insurance companies. Hudema gives the example of new moisture mapping technology: “When you look at different types of technology when it comes to moisture mapping and documentation, it ensure that the technicians are basically accomplishing what they’re looking for in getting dry standards, knowing what’s wet, how wet it is, is it drying, and finally the most important one, is it dry?” This type of technology allows technicians to do their job more efficiently, as well as prove to all interested parties that the job was completed effectively.

Improving both efficiency and consistency is a theme in how Hudema sees technology changing the restoration industry. In addition to moisture mapping, Hudema says 3D cameras are changing the way the industry approaches insurance claims documentation. “When you look at the new documentation guidelines that have come out from the PIRC dealing with photo documentation and collecting those images that are important to support the file of what’s happened, the drying processes, and the remediation processes when it comes to fires, 3D cameras are collecting, not only the documentation, but also have that capability of helping develop the sketch.” Hudema says this capability is saving contractors time when it comes to taking all the measurements and photos required to meet documentation standards for insurance claims.

For Hudema, it’s an exciting time to be in the industry as technological advancements in everything from drying equipment, to 3D modeling, to Bluetooth capability are changing the way restoration techs work, making it possible to do more jobs, more effectively. “Technology has come so far in the last five years to improve efficiencies, improve consistency when it comes to files and claims, closing them in a more timely fashion, but more importantly making sure they know what’s been done and how it’s been accomplished.”

See the full video, “Effects of Tech Changes on Restoration,” below.

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