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One of the biggest business-building challenges in the carpet cleaning industry, according to respondents to the Cleanfax 2015 Carpet Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report, is start-up companies that have no idea what they are getting into.

Once in business, they quickly discover it’s not as easy as simply purchasing a piece of equipment and doing a little advertising. Building a successful carpet cleaning company takes time, effort and knowledge.

One respondent put it this way when asked about challenges he faces: “Competition that does not have a clue on how to clean and won’t get educated. I don’t mind going in and fixing his screw ups and getting paid for it, though.”

Another said it’s important to concentrate on the client rather than the competition. He would like to “educate potential clients on the value of a proper cleaning versus purchasing based solely on price.”


carpet cleaning survey 2015An electronic world

Interestingly, several survey respondents left comments on how the electronic world is challenging for them, especially with their marketing campaigns.

“There are too many types of advertising. When all we had was Yellow Pages, we ruled,” Now, he said, “there is Angie’s List, Facebook, email, websites and many more. Now, almost everyone finds us on Google because they no longer have phone books. I’m 75 years old, and even I Google to find businesses.”

The data backs this up as well — how electronic advertising is an integral part of successful companies — although not all business owners enjoy the challenge of how change occurs so rapidly.

Help wanted

Another hot topic in regards to business-building challenges comes in finding quality help, especially field technicians. Concerns ranged from finding what one respondent said were “good, honest, hard-working employees” to recruiting practices to ensure those same employees stick with the company and not leave once trained.

The survey says…

Those are just a few of the highlights shared with Cleanfax about various industry concerns. But most important is the data. Don’t miss it! Check out the attached pages and compare industry statistics and trends to your own company.


About this report

The 2015 Carpet Cleaning Benchmarking Survey Report is believed to be representative of carpet cleaning professionals responding to the survey, but it is not a scientific survey. Results are not necessarily based on audited financial statements.

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