When Should You Offer Additional Services After Water Mitigation?


Water damage can cause long-lasting complications. Aside from water being uninhibited and destructive for personal objects, idle water can present health risks and cause damage to the structural integrity of any building. Most people assume water damage is solely caused by natural disasters, but leaking pipes, blocked drains, and clogged gutters all have the potential to cause water damage. Often idle water isn’t the only repercussion of water damage, thus water mitigation will not be the only necessary service to restore a saturated home. The most common accompanying disaster is mold development, but electrical and structural damage are also prevalent in homes coping with water damage. Idle water can also contain harmful bacteria and raw sewage. Aside from water mitigation; mold remediation, structural examination, and electrical inspections need to be offered for clients’ homes to return to normal.  

Water damage creates conditions that are amenable to mold development. Mold will develop in idle water in under 48 hours. Not only that but mold spores float throughout the air, potentially damaging inhabitants’ immune and respiratory systems. There are a few indicators of mold, and knowing what they are will help determine if offering mold remediation services is necessary.    

Mold has a distinctive look and smell, both can be used to identify and subsequently eradicate mold. Toxic molds are often round, fuzzy, and green, black or red. They also have a musty, pungent smell that resembles rain and meat. While doing water mitigation, if you notice any of these specific indicators, mold remediation will be required to safeguard the quality of life for all occupants. Clients may believe that once the visible mold is eradicated, the mold is gone, but this is not true. Sometimes the organism has penetrated porous materials like drywall, carpet, or wood, and simple scrubbing won’t suffice. Educating clients dealing with water damage on the health implications and growth patterns of mold will convenience them to proceed with all mold remediation services.          

Since most building materials are porous, they absorb excess water through cracks and pores. If flooded water isn’t removed quickly, it can create defects in the foundation of a home and over time weaken the entire structure of a home. Most homeowners don’t notice foundational cracks until they’re visible throughout the walls of their homes. Excess water can saturate the floors of a home and cause foundation support issues, increasing the likelihood of structural instability, and putting the home at risk of collapsing. Additional signs of structural damage include gaps in windows and doors. These gaps are the result of a home’s foundation shifting. If you notice any of these indications while removing water, recommend foundation repair services to the homeowner.  

Water can seep into the ceiling and walls of any water-damaged home. This can cause faulty connections, corrode exposed wires, and cause electrical fires. Water combined with electricity is a dangerous, perhaps lethal combination. Clients poking around in the wrong place or flipping the wrong switch could have dire results. When mitigating water from a home, if you notice electrical damage offering additional services will be required to return the home to normal. Affected electrical systems in a water-damaged home should be thoroughly inspected to prevent any incidents.    

Restoration companies like Superior Damage Restoration handle water mitigation and restoration to better serve their clients. Companies need to provide multiple services therefore if clients dealing with water damage have mold, structural or electrical damage, the hired water mitigation pros can help their clients recover from water damage faster.  

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