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We hope 2019 was a prosperous year for you and your business, but if it wasn’t, you’ve got not just a new year, but a whole new decade ahead for a fresh start. This year at Cleanfax, we’ve enjoyed hearing from our readers in our annual surveys and connecting with you at shows around the country as we worked to produce content you would find helpful and interesting. As the new decade dawns, let’s take one more look at our top articles of 2019. And from all of us at Cleanfax, we wish you the best in 2020.

1 | The Brave New World of Carpet Cleaning

Fire ants, corn, bullet-proof vests, and radial tires and their places in the carpet you clean.

By Scott Warrington and Tom Forsythe

2 | Addressing Mold: Remediation Vs. Sanitation

When mold is found there are two ways to treat the problem: remediation or sanitation.

By Doug Hoffman

3 | The Absorbent Compound Mystery

Absorbent compound is underutilized and misunderstood. Here’s what you should know.

By James B. Smith

4 | 2019 SEO Ranking Guide

Google releases 500-600 algorithm updates each year that affect your SEO ranking. Here’s how to rank high and stay there.

By Jeff Carrier

5 | Carpet Cleaning and pH Myths

Many technicians are taught “one size fits all” guidelines regarding carpet cleaning and pH, but the truth is actually much more complex.

By James B. Smith

6 | Where Mold Hides

Mold hides everywhere. Check these four areas during your cleaning routines in order to find and address hidden mold.

By Doug Hoffman

7 | The Truth About Dust Mite Allergies

There’s a common notion of a dust mite allergy, but what are your customers really allergic to, and how can you address it?

By Doug Hoffman

8 | Restorative Drying in The Modern Age

Advancements in the industry abound as improved equipment, heat technology, and smart devices rise in popularity.

By Amanda Hosey

9 | The Residential Set-up List

Setting up for a residential cleaning job can become unnecessarily time-consuming. Use this form to streamline the process for your technicians.

By Steve Toburen

10 | Restoration’s Biggest Challenges

A look at restoration industry challenges — from training failures to insurance companies forcing agendas.

By Amanda Hosey

11 | Upholstery Fabric Damage

Hidden flame retardants can cause color damage issues to furniture in your care.

By Tim Nelson

12 | Get the Lead Out

Needed information on EPA certification requirements for restoration and remediation contractors.

By Nate Seward

13 | The Technician Personal Tool Inventory List

When tools go missing, it destroys efficiency and kills profits. Use this system to hold your employees accountable.

By Steve Toburen

14 | 7 Habits to Avoid So Your Company Survives

Restoration companies come and go. Will yours see another decade or fall by the wayside? It depends on your habits.

By Dan York

15 | The PPE Inventory List

If you’re having trouble with disappearing personal protective equipment, use this form to hold your employees accountable.

By Steve Toburen

16 | The Definition of Clean and Cleaning

The word “clean” may mean something different to the customer or the legal system than it does to the professional. You might not know as much as you think.

By James B. Smith

17 | Rugs and Floods: Textile Triage During a Water Loss

It can be difficult to know which water-damaged rugs are salvageable and which must go. These on-site techniques will prepare your team.

By Lisa Wagner

18 | Implementing Photo Documentation Standards in Restoration

The restoration and insurance industries are working together to limit strife that arises over photo documentation during a loss. What does that mean for you?

By Tomer Poran

19 | Getting Rusty on Rust?

Rust-removal products have a colorful history. How do the safer modern removers compare to the acid-based ones of the past?

By Jim Smith

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