The photo contest winner this month is Chad Werner of Queen’s Carpet Care in Houston, TX. His company will receive a Visa gift card worth $250.

Chad describes this job: “This is from a retirement facility that had been doing their own floor maintenance. They called us to come out and see if we could help. We test cleaned a few areas while doing the estimate. After test cleaning, I was confident we could make a huge difference in the overall appearance and the cleanliness of the facility. We pretreated the carpet with Citric Dissolve mixed with a traffic lane cleaner and applied it to the carpet with a Hydro-Force presprayer. We let it dwell for 20 minutes and then extracted with a HydraMaster 4.8 CDS and an Evolution lightweight wand.”

For an opportunity to win a gift card worth $250, send your images and a brief 100-word description on how you obtained your results to Amanda Hosey, managing editor, at, or submit via Facebook messenger at Contest rules available by request.



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