Clever Use of Carpet Dyes [Cleaning Hacks]


By Chris Howell, Colorful Carpets

Sometimes, a customer suggestion can turn into a clever cleaning hack that solves a problem many customers have and don’t know how to handle.   In this instance, the customer had a nasty section of carpet with rust stains, bleaching, and soap residues, making it a real pain to clean and restore. On top of this, the customer also didn’t want to spend the money to have the stains removed and didn’t want the section replaced either. So, what do you do in a situation like this, you might wonder?

Well, you dye it to look like an area rug just like the customer recommends.

To do this, we mixed liquid carpet dyes (I have found that powdered dyes can leave powdery residues behind and often aren’t fully colorfast) in very hot water with a setting agent mixed in.

We then used a plastic trowel to outline the areas of carpet that we wanted to dye and used a pump-up sprayer to apply the dyes. We also used the plastic trowel to separate the outer border from the
center portion that we dyed to look like an area rug. After applying the dyes, we rinsed the area thoroughly and extracted the excess moisture afterward.

The customer absolutely loved the results, as did we, so we completed the job with a “hack-happy” customer and a unique cleaning hack that we hope you can use as well.

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The chemicals used when luster washing wool rugs may make the rug softer and shinier, but it also reduces the natural strength, durability, and repellency of the wool. By utilizing expert tips and tricks, you can protect the look of luster-washed wool rugs and keep them rich in color and durability for far longer.


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