The photo contest winner this month is Brandon Cerrito of The Carpet Chemist in Louisville, KY for his company’s rebranding transformation. Cerrito’s company will receive a chemical prize package from Solutions by Steam Pros worth $250.

I began Carpet Rx in 2010, but when I learned how to repair and dye carpet, I changed the name to Louisville Carpet Dyeing & Repair. But then customers assumed I’d stopped cleaning carpet, which is not ideal when you have a warehouse full of carpet cleaning equipment. So, I changed my business name yet again, this time to The Carpet Chemist. The name has a nice ring, doesn’t it? Can’t you just imagine me riding around in my mobile cleaning laboratory, using my proprietary potions, elixirs, dyes, and tools to keep carpet in peak condition? I rebranded my business to reflect the name. Dan Antonelli and his KickCharge Creative team created an incredible wrap design complete with 3D bubbles!

For an opportunity to win a chemical prize package from Solutions by Steam Pros (worth $250), send your images and a brief 100-word description on how you obtained your results to Amanda Hosey, managing editor, at, or submit via Facebook messenger at Contest rules available by request.


Drying decisions based only on grain depression most frequently lead to false determinations. Primary focus should be on material drying progress for the utmost understanding of progress, performance, and efficiencies. Temperature and humidity readings should follow to make educated adjustments. For more information, check out our article on interpreting grain depression.