The photo contest winner this month is Ryan Jolley of Purity Cleaning & Restoration Services Inc. in Victor, MT for his restoration of a neglected crawlspace. His company will receive a Visa gift card worth $250.

Ryan describes this job: “This homeowner had not been in his crawlspace since he bought the house—over 20 years ago! The home had groundwater issues and no gutters. We installed a vapor barrier and hired a contractor to repair the structural issues. We remediated the rest of the crawlspace and added new insulation. The customer was delighted, and we were pretty happy to have these pictures to add to our repertoire of before-and-after pictures!”

For an opportunity to win a gift card worth $250, send your images and a brief 100-word description on how you obtained your results to Amanda Hosey, managing editor, at, or submit via Facebook messenger at Contest rules available by request.



There are three important steps to ensure a harassment-free workplace:

  1. Address the legal issues of harassment with training.
  2. Create a culture of
    understanding and awareness.
  3. Hold employees accountable without exception.

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