With the severe cold weather across much of the country the past couple of weeks, restoration contractors have been busy.

One such company, close friends of mine who said they have never had so many phone calls in the history of being in business, called to see if we were OK, iStock/Thinkstock/Enskantobecause we did have some frozen pipes in one of our bathrooms.

Nothing broke… we were fine… but what was interesting was our bathroom had cold water, but not hot. That’s right — the hot water pipes were frozen solid but the cold was chugging along just fine.

A few hours later, with the heat in the house turned up high, everything thawed out.

But this brought to mind that some of your customers may have questions about why certain things happen during cold weather, such as the hot pipes freezing faster than cold. Do you know the answer? I Googled it and found a few theories, very interesting reading. What they may wonder why their basement floods when they use the outside spigot for the first time in the spring. We know why; but your customers? They learn the hard way.

Why not address some of these issues on your website and become an educator in your community? Fun facts about situations like these make you a cool business owner who has customer best interests in mind.

In the meantime, join the Cleanfax Facebook discussion (click here) on this issue, of hot water pipes and how quickly they freeze. It should (no, it shall!) prove interesting.