ANAHEIM, CA—August 16, 2019—American Technologies, Inc. (ATI) has co-branded with recognized manufacturer of botanical antimicrobial cleaning products, Benefect, to provide environmentally safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable cleaning products. ATI is the first restoration company to co-brand with Benefect.

ATI is the nation’s largest family-owned and operated restoration contractor.  Headquartered in Anaheim, California, the company specializes in restoration, environmental, and reconstruction services following natural and man-made disasters. The company operates out of 20 branch offices nationwide with over 1200 employees.

In this partnership, ATI has rolled out several new products to all of its locations: Impact Cleaner, ATI Multi-Purpose Cleaner, ATI Atomic Degreaser, and Decon 30. All of these cleansers and disinfectants are plant-based, rather than synthetic, and do not require any human or environmental health warning labels. Using thyme oil as a primary ingredient, these cleansers kill germs with no compromise in strength, keeping our ecosystem and bodies free of hazardous toxins. The new line of cleansers was available in all ATI offices by July 2019 and nationwide at all ATI restoration job sites.

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Benefect Corp. is a recognized leader in next-generation botanical antimicrobial technology. Their active ingredient is highly specialized thyme oil that has been grown and blended to exacting specifications. Their full line of disinfectants and cleaning products is formulated for the professional restoration contractor. For more information, visit