In this episode of Jeff Squared with Jeff Cross, Jim Mannes, the National Director at Shaw Industries, takes viewers on a close-up journey of cleaning residues that can build up on floors, and how to solve some sticky issues. Jim Mannes has a passion for helping cleaning professionals to improve their technical skills and shares some of his best tips and tricks in this special floor maintenance and cleaning residues interview.

As Jim Mannes puts it:

“I think the assumption is if [companies] have hard floor surface products that are typically resilient, then their maintenance protocol can be relaxed. That’s simply not the case.”

By knowing how to properly care for your own floors in between floor maintenance jobs, you can save your company time, money, and health concerns as well. Although the time and money aspects of this conversation may have already been apparent, the health risks are something Mannes aims to enlighten hard floor owners about specifically. As he later discusses, you can detect fecal material as far as 200 feet from the bathroom itself. Without proper cleaning, these materials and many more can infect your staff and family all while polluting your air as well.

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