The photo contest winner this month is Ross Trittipo of CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis for his eye-catching company rebrand and van wrap. His company will receive a Visa gift card worth $250.

My carpet cleaning brand started as Accuclean in 2004, but I had to change the name when a business partner left in 2006. In haste, I named the company Middle Key, which missed the mark wildly. It was confusing, and everybody thought I was a locksmith. So, in 2018 we rebranded again, this time to CitruScrub. It was a huge hit! With eye-popping colors and graphics, the new brand and accompanying van wrap keep the phones ringing.

For an opportunity to win a gift card worth $250, send your images and a brief 100-word description on how you obtained your results to Amanda Hosey, managing editor, at [email protected], or submit via Facebook Messenger at Contest rules available by request.



Leasing equipment instead of buying it outright allows for “obsolescence” options, which can save you money and heartache if the equipment becomes irrelevant due to technology changes.