How do you price your water damage jobs? Are your prices providing you a nice profit?

That’s the topic of a newly-created Cleanfax Online Poll.

Many restoration contractors are concerned about how their pricing structure is influenced by outside sources other than their cost of doing business and desired profit margin. You might relate to that concern.

That’s why Cleanfax is asking about what most influences your restoration pricing. Take a few minutes and choose the option that best describes you.

This month’s poll is:

For water damage jobs, I…

  • Create my own pricing based on my costs
  • Charge according to accepted industry pricing software
  • Negotiate a price with the adjuster
  • Other
  • N/A

So what do you think? Take a moment and visit the new Cleanfax Online Poll and let the industry know what you do.

Don’t worry. We won’t show your name on the poll.