Residents of several Midwest states would be just fine not seeing any more rainfall for a couple of weeks, but they might not get the fair weather they desperately need, according to

River levels have soared over the past few weeks in five states including South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, flooding towns, killing crops and even setting off a mudslide in Minneapolis, the article stated.

According to the article, the Mississippi River has also been pushed into major flood stage in the Twin Cities, putting 50-year-old levees to the test.

"More clusters of thunderstorms with locally heavy rainfall are in the forecast this weekend, possibly persisting through Monday in parts of the waterlogged Midwest," said Senior Meteorologist Jon Erdman.

Meteorologists unfortunately can't forecast exactly where those storms will pop up, and if they form over already hard-hit areas, another several inches of rainfall could quickly overwhelm smaller streams and creeks, and trigger additional rises on mainsteam rivers, the article noted.

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