PHOENIX Restoration Equipment 2018

For almost 25 years, PHOENIX has strived to deliver innovative solutions and designs for the restoration marketplace, driven by an unwavering pursuit to be Best In Class.

A passion for engineering has long been at the heart of the Phoenix Team. This, combined with the brand’s relentless emphasis on cutting-edge product design and commitment to rigorous quality control, has solidified Phoenix’s position as a true industry leader.

Phoenix is Looking Stronger
in 2018

Phoenix boasts a new, refreshed look in 2018. With a renewed brand image, our high-performing equipment, renowned customer service, and passionate team, Phoenix moves forward to our 25-year anniversary in the industry stronger than ever.

PHOENIX DryMAX XL Product Launch

The Phoenix Team is also very excited to introduce another industry-first with its DryMAX XL, the first XL category Ultra-Portable LGR Dehumidifier.

Not only does Phoenix have the smallest “Large” category LGR in the revolutionary DryMAX, but now we also have the smallest “XL” category in the DryMAX XL. The groundbreaking DryMAX XL removes an amazing 125 ppd at AHAM while taking up only 50% of the space of the next smallest competitive XL dehumidifier. Because of its compact size, the DryMAX XL allows restorers to fit twice the amount of XL dehumidifiers on their vehicle due to our patent-pending FiveCOIL technology.
The DryMAX XL is also the first dehumidifier with built-in Bluetooth technology and the first with an advanced graphical control panel, which puts all the information on the home screen in an easily understandable format. Our free DryLINK app is included with the unit upon purchase.  This unit will automatically send the psychrometric data by Bluetooth to the DryLINK app or an app you may already use for your drying jobs.

Like our industry-leading DryMAX and AirMAX, the new Phoenix DryMAX XL was also designed with superior stacking features and easy service access. Our patented FiveCOIL Design, which includes our micro-channel condenser, allows the featherweight DryMAX XL to pack a knock-out punch on drying performance every time.

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Fight Summer Allergies by Cleaning for Health

The impact of summer allergies

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 50 million suffer from allergies each year, making allergies the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the country. For many allergy sufferers, the early spring tree bloom is only the beginning, with grass causing symptoms starting in late spring and many more allergens still to come.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, pollen seasons last much longer than they used to, with ragweed season starting in mid- to late-July and extending 13 to 27 days longer than it did in 1995. Add to this the fact that allergens can travel hundreds of miles, and it can seem like there is nowhere to hide from allergies and their symptoms.

The enormous impact of spring and summer allergies highlights the need to create clean and safe indoor environments where allergy sufferers can breathe easy. A cleaning regimen that is focused on Cleaning for Health will help create safe spaces of escape from summer allergies.

What is Cleaning for Health?

Many professional cleaners focus on creating a clean and welcoming appearance in buildings they clean, but that alone will not help fight summer allergies. Cleaning for Health is defined as a cleaning regimen that helps dramatically reduce the number of allergens and asthma triggers in the indoor environment. That means capturing and removing many particles that are invisible to the human eye.

A ProTeam® backpack vacuum captures many allergens and asthma triggers with an advanced filtration system that culminates in exhaust filters made from HEPA media. Without a beater bar, it does not kick dust and pollutants up into the air where passersby might inhale them. Rather, its suction-only approach quickly and safely removes many allergens and asthma triggers from the air and floors.

Take your dusting to new heights

Summer allergens ride into buildings on the wind and settle anywhere and everywhere. Then they wait for the next gust or draft to send them back into areas where people live and work. To effectively tackle Cleaning for Health, professional cleaners must remove allergens and asthma triggers from every surface, including those high above the floor. New High Dusting Kits from ProTeam include extension wands and attachments to clean ducts, shelving, rafters, air return vents, and every other high place that can harbor allergens. With the right set of tools, no area is out of reach and no allergens go unaddressed.

According to the CDC, allergies cost over 18 billion dollars a year in medical costs and lost productivity. Protect building occupants with summer allergies by Cleaning for Health with ProTeam backpack vacuums and attachments.

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SurfaceShield® and SurfaceShield Plus Protectant

Penetrates materials to help prevent water damage and reduce microbial growth*

As a breathable, penetrating solution, ProRestore® SurfaceShield and Surface Shield Plus use unique technology to inhibit mold growth and staining on the dry surface coating of wood, brick, and other porous materials. It also makes treated materials resistant to future water damage. SurfaceShield® protectant is highly effective as a final step on mold remediation jobs.

Penetrating protection

Unlike antimicrobial paints, the SurfaceShield barrier penetrates materials and is fully breathable, allowing excess moisture in the material to freely evaporate. The treatment is sandable and paintable and will not interfere with finishes. This makes SurfaceShield a valuable tool for almost any project in need of added protection from mold growth and future water damage.

10-year limited warranty

Both versions include a fluorescent tracer to help ensure full coverage — standard SurfaceShield is colorless and will not change the appearance of treated surfaces, while SurfaceShield Plus contains a faint white tint to track coverage. Both contain an EPA-registered preservative and are covered by a 10-year limited warranty — unprecedented assurance of product quality.

Versatile applications

Surface Shield is ideal for use on interior framing, subflooring, wallboard, and other construction materials exposed to moisture, providing extra assurance for builders and homeowners. It should not be used on load-bearing i-joints with OSB webbing.

Surfaces with visible fungal contamination or water staining should be HEPA vacuumed and cleaned first, according to industry standards, and then apply SurfaceShield.

Economical to use

Surface Shield is water-based and economical to use — just one coat covers up to 1,000 square feet per gallon. It dries quickly and adds significant value to any construction or water damage remediation project.

SurfaceShield is a ready-to-use product and is available in economical, 5-gallon pails. Please follow label directions. Available for sale in U.S. only.

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We Understand Flexibility Is Key When It Comes to Our Network’s Success

1-800 WATER DAMAGE is a leader in the property restoration and carpet cleaning industries for many reasons, but at the end of the day, our people really set us apart. The 1-800 WATER DAMAGE team has the most dedicated and hardworking group of franchisees in the industry, which we’ve achieved by following the belief that there is no “one size fits all” approach to business ownership. With unmatched corporate support and commitment, our franchise opportunities are unparalleled, and our network truly feels like a family.

We offer flexible options for those interested in joining our growing network of owners. From experienced technicians, to estimators and project managers, to established business owners, our team members have come from all levels of the industry to join the 1-800 WATER DAMAGE family. No matter where you fall in your current role, we will work with you to make the transition into a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE owner as seamless and beneficial as possible. One of the primary ways we do that is by providing several paths to ownership and business models. Our conversion path to ownership and “managing operator” business model are two such offerings that have allowed us to introduce more flexibility and opportunity to our network.

Path to ownership: Conversions

Many of our team members have joined the 1-800 WATER DAMAGE family by way of converting an existing business into a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE location. This is an increasingly popular path to ownership among our network because we continue to refine the process to best meet the particular needs and pain points of existing business owners. We don’t simply change the branding on everything; we give a welcome boost to your already successful business. We add value and support through additional training, home office resources, and more to ensure your conversion into a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE business is a worthwhile investment.

Business model: Managing operator

While traditional franchise ownership makes up a significant portion of our network, we’ve found that offering an additional “partnering” approach provides the support many people are looking for in order to take the plunge into running their own businesses. That’s why we developed our “managing operator” business model. The first of its kind in the service industry, this model grants the rights to operate without incurring the sole responsibility of startup costs. By innovating upon the traditional franchise model, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE cultivates success and security through partnership and empowers potential business owners by reducing their initial financial burden. With less financial risk under the managing operator model, you can feel more secure in your investment decision.

With our dedicated management staff and specialized, hands-on technical training program, we make sure you and your property restoration business have everything necessary for success. We provide the tools, expert assistance, and guidance. All we need is YOU.

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The Ultimate Cleaning System

Aero Tech Manufacturing Inc. takes great pride in producing the highest quality equipment and delivering the performance and flexibility for the ever-changing cleaning and restoration market needs.

For more than 15 years, Aero Tech has been providing technical support and knowledge to ensure we deliver unmatched cleaning performance with the XT from Aero Tech. We engineer greatness into every XT that leaves our manufacturing facility.

Creative engineering blends well with quality construction and continued innovation to create the most powerful cleaning system available today. XT technology just keeps getting better, giving you the power and control needed to save time, conserve fuel, and increase your profits.

The XT’s simple design and ease of maintenance make the unit versatile. Whether for cleaning, restoration, large jobs, or small, this system is ready and reliable day in and day out.

With heat-as-you-drive technology, true dual-wand capability, deeper vacuum, customized storage, and billboard-sized advertising wherever you go, the Aero Tech XT makes dollars and sense.

In addition to the XT’s power, its versatility is a real game changer; wherever your next job takes you, whether a residential or commercial carpet, tile, and/or both, the XT offers extreme heat and true dual-wand capabilities.

Additionally, the dual pressure regulators allow for cleaning at two different pressures simultaneously. Have a third guy on a crew? A third connection can be utilized for pre-spray application.

Aero Tech’s direct approach to the market removes the middle man and provides a level of customer service and response needed for today’s busy professionals.

New Features:

  • 5 dB noise reduction
  • All-new, 4-stage heating system produces more heat for high-flow, dual-wand cleaning.

XT’s Standard Equipment:

  • Hydraulic-activated transmission PTO
  • New Helical Tri-Lobe/Sutorbuilt blower, 660 ICFM @ 16-inch HG and maximum cleaning speed (engine rpm’s) of 1,550 RPM
  • Water pump, 6 gpm, 1,600 psi max
  • Last-step chemical injection system
  • 7-gallon chemical tank
  • 210-gallon fresh water tank: Stainless steel, round design for added strength and durability (heats as you drive)
  • New 155-gallon waste tank: Stainless steel, round design for added strength and durability
  • Electric Vacuum Hose Reel: Stainless steel (400-foot capacity of 2-inch hose), furnished with 200 feet of hose
  • Solution hose reel: Stainless steel, (300-foot capacity of 1/4-inch hose), quantity of two furnished, each with 100 feet of hose
  • Lint traps: Stainless steel, two each
  • FRP van body, aluminum flooring
  • Box fluorescent lighting, three each
  • Dual wand hookup, 2.5-inch inlet connection
  • Control panel: Stainless steel, industrial switches, industrial gauges
  • Digital temperature control.

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