XPOWER continues to supply restoration and cleaning industry professionals with top-performing and innovative equipment using advanced injection molding technology for rugged yet lightweight convenience. Known for the quietest and lightest air movers, XPOWER’s complete line also includes powerful axial fans, professional-grade air scrubbers, confined space fans and dehumidifiers. This summer, XPOWER has launched its NEW line of scented air movers with negative ion technology!xpower

Freshen Aire Scented Air Movers

Offering the same powerful drying and ventilating airflow as XPOWER standard air movers, the NEW Freshen Aire Scented Air Movers feature a patented, fragranced bead dispersal system for effective odor management. Able to reduce offensive odors and maintain a fresh, clean-air indoor environment using a patented refillable scented bead cartridge and optional air purifying negative ion technology, XPOWER Scented Air Movers are quickly gaining a strong following. Also available with a daisy chainable power outlet, models range from 1/5 to 1 HP sizes for a variety of drying and ventilation applications. XPOWER offers a full selection of long-lasting fragrance varieties to customize your business’ signature scent. Integrate fragrance with your business’ services as a unique and effective marketing tool to drive enthusiastic client reviews and referrals.X-34AR

Axial Fan Swirl xpower august 2015X-34AR/ X-34TR

The X-34AR and X- 34TR axial fans are equipped with sealed, high-efficiency motors for heavily contaminated environments. This high torque, sealed motor generates 1,720 CFM of airflow while drawing only 1.6 amps on its highest speed. The resulting powerful airflow can be directed in a focused air stream to a distance of more than 60 feet.

Each model offers distinctive features: The X-34AR has daisy chainable power outlets and is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the water damage restoration industry. The X-34TR features an optional three-hour timer to save both time and energy. Both models come standard with a versatile rack that allows for 360-degree rotation for numerous drying and ventilation applications. XPOWER axial fans are the only axial fans on the market that offer a variable speed control for complete speed adjustment.

xpower august 2015X-3400 A

Featuring a powerful 1/3 HP external rotor induction motor, the X-3400A Air Scrubber system can offer up to 600 CFM. A three-stage filtration design, which includes a professional, 2-inch-thick HEPA filter, captures a wide range of contaminants. A unique combination of washable nylon mesh and pleated media pre-filter stages ensure thorough decontamination of air while extending the life of the primary HEPA filter. An activated carbon filter kit is available for purchase separately to effectively neutralize and absorb odors.

Offering powerful airflow capacity and an efficient 2.8 max amp draw, the X-3400A can be ducted to provide negative air pressure. A variable speed control offers maximum noise control, and a convenient indicator light turns on when the filters need cleaning or replacing. With tough and durable ABS housing and advanced injection mold engineering, the X-3400A is the lightest and most compact in its class, making it ideal for transportation from job to job.

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