Get the Best in Moisture Monitoring Devices

Restoration jobs are often about removing moisture. The right tools are required to reach and measure the moisture within the building envelope. Extension probes are necessary to reach behind the surface, and the simplest monitoring device can be used with a Lignomat handheld moisture meter to measure and monitor over time.

One of the most popular monitoring device choices is the BL2 plus MC Tracker, which records simultaneously:

  • One probe for relative humidity, temperature, dew point, and GPP,
  • Three moisture stations for wood and other materials.

We pride ourselves in offering one of the most reliable and accurate monitoring systems in the industry with over 12 years of experience.

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Powerful, Portable, Lightweight, Air Scrubber – With Huge Filter Savings!

The 500CFM Phoenix GuardianR HEPA System is lightweight, stackable, energy efficient, and offers the restorer a great return on investment.

Weighing under 33lbs. with a 22-inch by 24-inch footprint, the GuardianR features a powerful, variable-speed blower with airflow of 500 CFM — making it the perfect unit for remediation projects where space and power are at a premium. The large, horizontal filter opening maximizes capture area, while the detachable outlet duct ring makes attaching lay flat quick and simple.

This unit also operates horizontally or vertically, making it even easier to deliver HEPA-filtered air anywhere you need it. Other features include an onboard GFCI, a change-filter light, and a two-stage filter design, including an optional carbon/ potassium filter. And, finally, the GuardianR’s HEPA filter costs $50 less per filter than the competition’s, maximizing your ROI.

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3-Step, Proven Odor Control System That Tackles the Toughest Challenges

Odors can be present in three places: On surfaces, in the air, and in hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. ProRestore has a proven, three-step process — a time-tested combination of best practices and products — to help you combat these complex odors.

Step 1: Suppression spray. Apply ODORx™ 9-D-9 or Double-O with a compression sprayer for rapid initial odor knock-down.

Step 2: Neutralize. Apply ODORx C.O.C. absorbent crystals — time-released essential oils and evaporative control agents begin to neutralize odors immediately.

Step 3: Thermal fog. Apply Thermo-2000 or Thermo-55 with a thermal fogger to send deodorizing solution deep into the cracks and crevices where odors can hide.

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Odor-Eliminating Dry-Vapor Technology

Vaportek’s essential oil, dry-vapor technology has been eliminating organic odors since 1979, when we first patented the environmentally preferable technology. Ozone-free and hydroxyl-free, dry vapors combine with malodors on a molecular level to neutralize problem odors. As a natural product, all our systems and liquids can be used in occupied spaces safely and effectively. Dry vapors treat atmosphere, structure, and contents simultaneously. Contact us today to request a free sample to use on your next restoration job — we back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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