1-800-PACK-RAT logo (500x200)When Disaster Strikes, 1-800-PACK-RAT Can Help

IsolatedRestoreContainer1-800-PACK-RAT LLC is the portable storage and moving company that provides the simplest way to move or store your stuff. We offer specialized restoration and remediation solutions designed to limit losses and protect salvaged assets. We provide customers with reliable, weatherproof storage solutions to keep their stuff safe and secure while their home is restored. We also offer partners our patented Chamber Door Technology for on-site remediation, expediting project timelines.


For more information on 1-800-PACK-RAT, visit 1800packrat.com/resources/partners/restoration-partners.

WCF-ARI-logoSafetyIntroducing a National Workers’ Comp solution for your industry!

We understand, when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance, many carriers do not understand your industry, and these carriers struggle to properly classify your employees. Stop trying to work with carriers that do not want to work with you!  American Restoration Insurance is a national specialty insurance agency that works exclusively in the restoration industry and can provide all lines of insurance coverage. We have worked hard to find the right workers’ comp solution for restoration contractors and have developed a specialty workers’ comp program for restoration contractors. Having a specialty carrier and agency will streamline the application process and provide you with an understanding of how to properly cover your business and your employees.


For more information on  American Restoration Insurance, visit www.aribrokers.com.


DriEazBadge_NoShadow logo (500x226)Velo_Revo_ComboDri-Eaz: We Deliver Performance

Dri-Eaz equipment delivers the performance and reliability restorers depend on for many years of service. Take the Revolution™ LGR Portable Dehumidifier: Designed and built in the USA, the Revolution features Precision Control Technology™ to automatically optimize water removal in all conditions. Get 80 pints at AHAM (that’s the Xactimate® “Large” category) from the smallest footprint dehumidifier available. The Revolution’s control panel displays real-time inlet and outlet temperature and RH to make monitoring drying progress easier. Pair the Revo with compact, low-amp Dri-Eaz Velo and Velo™ Pro airmovers for optimal space savings and maximum drying power.



For more information on Dri-Eaz Products, visit compact.drieaz.com.

lignomat logoMoisture Meters and Monitoring Systems for all Applications

VersaTec-ElectrodesMeasuring moisture is our expertise. We have developed unique measuring technologies only available from Lignomat, such as our dual-depth, pinless Ligno-Scanner SD moisture meter and our BL2 data logger for moisture monitoring. Performance, quality, user-friendly design and competitive prices have given Lignomat a good reputation within the industry.

Anyone needing a versatile meter will appreciate the multi-function Ligno-VersaTec and its absolute reliability for years of usage. With the Ligno-VersaTec meter Pin/Pinless/RH, you can select the right measuring mode and the right accessories for the job on hand. The meter works great for rough estimates, but also provides accurate percent values if needed.

For more information on Lignomat USA, visit Lignomat.com.

Phoenix Restoration Equipment logo (500x165)The Only Low-Profile Air Mover You Will Ever Need – The Phoenix AirmaxAirMax_Video_Focus

The 925-CFM, 1.9-amp Phoenix AirMax is the smallest radial air mover with many outstanding features including revolutionary nesting and stacking, allowing units to nest/lock securely. This unit has bi-directional cord wrap with a snap-lock plug. Our GFCI is wired to protect the unit and all units downstream. The patent pending X-Bracket is the most precise, durable motor support in the market, providing a less restrictive inlet for greater airflow, greater clearance from wet surfaces (6”) and easy housing cleaning.


For more information on Phoenix Restoration Equipment, visit usephoenix.com.




ProRestore Logo (500x177)Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal System: Succeed at deodorizing pet odors where others have failedUnduzit_Urinse_Bottles

Your customers love their pets but not their “accidents” — and that’s a great opportunity for you! Learn how ProRestore’s specially formulated ODORx™ Urinse and Un-Duz-It work together to remove urine salts and proteins and completely deodorize urine deposits in carpet and pads. Simply follow these simple steps: 1) Locate urine spots. 2) Apply Urinse to liquefy urine residues. 3) Follow up with the bio-enzymatic action of Un-Duz-It to digest proteins left behind. Be the pet odor removal specialist in your service area — this winning system lets you succeed where other carpet cleaners have failed. We guarantee it! See the system in action at www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN4cY_N7sog.


For more information on ProRestore Products, visit prorestoreproducts.com.


Green 300dpi

vaportek groupOdor-Eliminating Dry Vapor Technology

Vaportek’s essential oil, dry-vapor technology has been eliminating organic odors since 1979 when we first patented the environmentally preferable technology. Ozone-free and hydroxyl-free, dry vapors combine with malodors on a molecular level to neutralize problem odors. As a natural product, all our systems and liquids can be used in occupied spaces safely and effectively. Dry vapors treat atmosphere, structure and contents simultaneously. Call us today to request a free sample to use on your next restoration job — we back our products with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee!


For more information on Vaportek, visit vaportek.com.