Get the Anabec Advantage!

anabecAnabec has been a powerful force in the industry for over 23 years. Our product systems address mold, bacteria and viruses for residential, commercial and institutional facilities. Get better chemistry and superior results with our state-of-the-art product line:

  • ADVANCED CLEANING SOLUTION: All-purpose hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution, the cornerstone of the Anabec product line.
  • ANASPHERE: Concentrated, hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant and sanitizer.
  • X70 and X90: Nanotechnology-based moisture barriers and primers with a silver active ingredient to resist mold growth for long-term surface protection.
  • NEWBUILD: Nanotechnology prevention product developed to insure new construction projects are safe from potential microbial contamination.
  • ANAFRESH: Concentrated deodorizer for neutralizing odors left behind by fire, smoke and water damage.


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Innovative. Technologically Advanced. Working to Make Your Life Easier.

Bridgepoint Chemicals logoThere are many chemicals you can use to clean your customers’ floors and furniture. Many are cheap and can be purchased at your local big-box store or at the local janitorial supply store. If this is what you are looking for, then Bridgepoint Systems’ chemicals are not for you. Bridgepoint Systems has been revolutionizing cleaning with superior chemistry for the better part of 40 years. We don’t skimp on superior ingredients or dilute our chemicals with water. We spend the time and money to create great products that will make your job easier and give you confidence in a cleaning system that will never let you down.

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Today’s Pro Carpet Cleaning Toolkit: Fission Prespray/TLC and DynaForce 77

DynaForce77_Fission_Duet_NoBGWhy waste money on outdated formulations? Fission Prespray/Traffic Lane Cleaner uses unique Soil Separation Technology to sequester dirt and oils for fast and effective extraction — plus it’s the only 32:1 dilution prespray available for less than $20 per gallon! For extra tough soil conditions, follow Fission with an extraction rinse of DynaForce 77, today’s technology emulsifier that outperforms all the other “blue” powders. Not only does DF77 deliver outstanding performance, it is also the lowest costing detergent available today — it costs up to 30% less than competitive products! Boost your cleaning effectiveness and your bottom line with the powerful combination of Fission and Dynaforce 77!

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Premium Concentrated Solutions

esteam july 2015Esteam Cleaning Systems manufactures premium concentrated products for the cleaning and restoration industries, providing professionals with products that deliver amazing results in the field. Whether you use a portable extractor, truckmounted equipment or a brush and bonnet system, Esteam has specific, concentrated solutions that go farther and work harder for your return on investment. When you want clean, think Esteam.

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Leave Your Carpets Squeaky Clean With the Right Extraction Rinse

cleanmaster-clearwater-rinse-july-2016ClearWater Rinse completes the maximum extraction cleaning job as a neutralizing rinse. It pH neutralizes the carpet, contains emulsifying rinse agents to complete soil removal and utilizes exclusive technology to help prevent re-soiling. Using Clearwater Rinse as your final extraction rinse allows you to get the carpet cleaner than with conventional acid rinses and helps the carpet to stay cleaner longer. The encapsulating polymers not only prevent rapid re-soiling, they also help prevent browning and wicking. Finishing the extraction job with ClearWater Rinse will leave the carpet softer, with a fresh, squeaky-clean feel and smell.

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