First class training, equipment & support for air duct and dryer vent cleaning

aircare-image_dec-2015Air-Care is the world’s leading manufacturer of air duct cleaning equipment and supplies and provider of air duct cleaning training. We also manufacture electrostatic air filters that are designed to replace disposable furnace filters. Air-Care’s full line of air duct cleaning products includes negative air machines, contact cleaning machines, foggers, chemicals, duct inspection systems and a lot more.

We are also proud to announce the latest addition to our family: The Bio Cart HEPA-UVC/UVGI. The Bio Cart provides containment for work on plumbing, electrical wiring, IT computer cables and fiber optic lines above ceilings while capturing contaminates and exhausting clean air into the room.


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Fission_1gal_CMYKFission: Best-performing, most affordable prespray — and no strong odors

Fission contains no irritating butyl solvents, yet it still outperforms all butyl-based, high pH presprays on the market — at 25 percent of the cost per square foot of other traffic lane cleaners.

Utilizing proprietary SST (Soil Separation Technology) chemistry, Fission breaks the bond between soils and carpet fibers — including water-based, oil-based and dry particulate soils — then suspends and allows complete removal of soils in the extraction process.

Fission’s high-pH formulation powers through grease, oil and embedded soils yet rinses clean and leaves only a nice smell. That’s why Fission is the favorite TLC for heavy-duty cleaning on all types of carpet.

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Powerfully efficient

cleanco-dec-2016-comboFor 38 years, Cleanco Truckmounts has provided industrial-grade equipment and chemicals to the professional cleaning and restoration industries.

Cleanco direct-drive truckmounts are powerful yet fuel efficient. A Compact 47 produces up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit water temperatures, 490 CFM and 1,200 psi. Fuel efficiency is obtained through our Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) that keeps the van idling at a consistent RPM while the unit is in operation. A 2015 GMC Savana 1-ton cargo van with a Compact 47 truckmount installed into it consumes approximately 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour of operation, which is comparable to the fuel consumption of a large slide-in unit.

Get the power you want with the efficiency you need with Cleanco Truckmounts.

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Integration Flyouts-2Workflow software made easy

ClientRunner is a preferred, web-based mobile restoration management software system designed for cleaning and restoration contractors.

Job Management: Document, track and manage all aspects of a complicated job file with ease.

Integrated Solutions: Seamlessly integrate multiple software systems, such as Xactimate® or XactAnalysis®, into a simple, streamlined workflow. Scheduling: Manage complex schedules with ease through an advanced, multi-tiered scheduling management system.

And more… All this, including an industry-leading CRM, Equipment Tracking, Third-Party Job Portal, and other full modules and power features at no additional cost! ClientRunner has become a choice workflow management system through the ability to make complex workflow processes into a simple, easy system.

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dri-eaz-best-buy-dec-2015Velo™ Pro compact airmovers: Highest performance, versatility

Velo™ Pro compact airmovers: Highest performance, versatility The Velo Pro delivers unbeatable versatility, easy maintenance and maximum concentrated airflow in a compact design. The built-in variable speed control lets you control power draw from 1.2 to 1.9 amps, allowing you to daisy-chain up to 10 units on a single 15-amp circuit to maximize airflow throughout an area.

The Velo Pro also features a kickstand to give you a total of five operating positions. Direct air wherever it’s needed most — up walls and staircases and into confined spaces.

And because it’s Dri-Eaz, you know you’re choosing an airmover that outperforms other airmovers in efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance.

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DryTrack Showcase ImageFinally a Moisture Monitoring Tool Developed by an IICRC Certified Trainer

DryTrack, from Next Gear Solutions, is a mobile mitigation management tool that helps restoration professionals rationalize the drying process with pre-programmed IICRC S500 recommendations. It has an intuitive moisture point entry system, intelligent moisture scales and default industry equipment preloaded as well as missed-reading alerts. Users can track all billable equipment, creating better tracking and reporting. By retrieving all atmospheric readings, moisture readings and dry standards at every visit, the data recorded will yield the most comprehensive moisture reports possible. The data captured through DryTrack helps restoration companies become more transparent and accountable in the claims process.

DryTrack is available as an add-on to DASH or as a stand-alone product.

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Pro-1200SE-SSPro-1200SE Direct Drive: The New Standard for Direct Drive Reliability

The all-new Pro-1200SE delivers renowned Sapphire Scientific performance engineering in a breakthrough direct-drive truckmount system that retails for just $22,950 — and special 3.99 percent financing (on approved credit).

The unit produces solution temps up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit to boost your cleaning all day long. A Gardner Denver 408 HeliFlow helical vacuum blower — known for its superior, quieter performance and long, trouble-free service — delivers vacuum at 13 inches and flows up to 500 CFM. Multiple RPM settings provide better performance AND optimal fuel economy. Plus, the Pro-1200SE is truly compact, saving room in your vehicle.

No one but Sapphire has the confidence to offer an exclusive three-year parts and labor warranty!




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We’re the Nation’s Leading Water Damage Marketing Company for a Reason

Stellar-eMarketing-Dec.-15-Best-Buys-Image-sm-smNo one else’s program even comes close, and we know them all. We were the first here; we’ve seen others come and go. Don’t pay to have someone learn your business. We already know everything you need. Save time and money by calling us.


  • Never charge you hundreds of dollars per lead.
  • Never take a percentage of $ from your jobs.
  • Never sell your calls to three to four other companies.
  • Create a program YOU own; you don’t pay for our program to just lose it later.
  • Have an unheard of client retention rate. Why do you think that is?
  • Know sometimes one call pays for an entire year of our service.

The Nation’s Leaders in Water Damage Marketing. No one has more experience!

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2015 BACK COVERReliable People with Reliable Products Since 1969

Having a trusted product partner ensures your interest is always top priority. Quality, experience and expertise cannot be underestimated when you need something to get the job done right.

Sun-Belt is committed to supplying top-quality cleaning and restoration equipment, machine parts, tools and chemicals. These products are sold at the best possible cost from one of the largest inventories in our industry. Shipments are made from Raleigh, NC, to your door, and we take pride in getting it to you fast. Your satisfaction is our main concern, and you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to keep you as a valued customer.


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VC1200_Portable_FaceR-smNEW! VersaClean Portables: Compact cleaning machines for superior cleaning and reliability

Tired of unreliable, hard-to-transport and poor-performing “box extractors”? Move up to the high performance, superior quality and mobility of VersaClean Portable Extractors. All five models feature the highest-quality components in a balanced, highly maneuverable design that delivers cleaner, drier carpets.

Choose from heated, unheated and multi-surface cleaning models, all CFM-optimized to operate on 15-amp circuits. USA-built by Legend Brands, they feature a built-in cord wrap plus a hose and wand caddy for easy portability.

Pair the All-Surface 1200MS with the HOSS 700 rotary tool for truckmount-clean carpets and with a hard surface spinner tool for deep cleaning tile and grout.


VersaClean Systems

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