When you are immersed in the day-to-day grind of running your disaster restoration company, whether in a small town in rural America or a larger metro area, you can feel like a sole contestant in the competitive game of business survival. But our 2014 Restoration Benchmarking Survey Report shows you aren’t alone.

Thousands of your peers face the same challenges, obstacles and, yes… satisfaction when business is good and there is plenty of work to keep everyone busy and profitable.

The 2014 Restoration Benchmarking Survey Report, sponsored by Dri-Eaz and ProRestore Products, has the stats and data to keep you connected with the restoration industry and make sure you have the information necessary to make smart business comparisons and decisions to better grow your own company.

We were able to give you just a fraction of the data collected in the survey in the July 2014 print edition of Cleanfax magazine; register for our site now to view the entire report, with all its graphs, numbers, facts and figures.

Click the image to download the full Restoration Benchmarking Survey Report: