ROCKVILLE, MD — A number of Restoration Industry Association (RIA) members have partnered with All Hands Volunteers to create The Sandy Solution, a cleaning solution designed to remediate houses with mold growth as a result of flood damage from Hurricane Sandy, according to a press release.

ria logo"The most important part was the generosity of RIA members and other professionals in the restoration field in sharing their expertise. All volunteer groups working to help needy homeowners have funding limitations," said Michael A. Pinto, CSP, CMP, chief executive officer (CEO) of Wonder Makers Environmental Inc.

"Through their donations of time, equipment and expertise the RIA has helped to make this comprehensive solution possible," Pinto added.all hands volunteers logo

RIA members are dedicated to furthering education for residents and consumers in order to safely and properly repair damage after flooding disasters, the release stated.

According to the release, government officials have been quick to warn residents of the hazards and need for proper mold treatment; however no cost-effective and efficient solution specifically designed for non-professionals has been agreed upon.

The Sandy Solution was created to be a comprehensive approach to dealing with the cleanup, mold treatment and drying, the release noted.

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