MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ — Infection Control Technologies (ICT) are utilizing a special restoration technology to help firefighters get back to work after the devastation of Sandy, according to a press release.

ict logoThe widespread flooding caused by Sandy has impacted everyone — including emergency responders — firefighters from numerous fire departments had their special fire retardant suits known as "PPE" or "Personal Protective Equipment" contaminated by the flood waters and were, therefore, unusable, the release stated.

According to the release, the ICT Division is using a special technology known as the Esporta Wash System to restore the fire fighters PPE to cleaner than pre-loss condition.

"We initially cleaned the fire gear for Moonachie Fire Department in order to get them up and running, and now we have been inundated with a number of other fire departments," said Tom Licker from Insurance Restoration Specialists.

"Our unique technology enables us to very easily restore firefighters PPE — as well as many other soft contents," Licker added.

This technology enables them to restore these contents at a fraction of the cost and time involved to replace them, the release noted.

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