Soils & Oils Encap was the first DfE (Design for the Environment) recognized carpet cleaning formula and was made by a cleaner for cleaners in an effort to get away from toxic cleaning agents that harm the cleaner as well the environment. This formula is free of phosphates, enzymes, butyls, terpenes and other solvents. Soils and Oils Encap is WOOLSAFE approved and is safe to use on advanced generation synthetic carpets and rugs. It is freeze-thaw stable with a multi-year shelf-lives. Fragrance – Neutral.




"If you get anything over at Joe Bs store try his S/O/E. It's the best I have ever tried." ~Ken Raddon


"Prespray, rinse, Encapper, Padcap, bonnet.  Wide range of Compatibilities: Oxidzers, Reducers, Solvents, Deodorizers.  1,100 SQ FT complete in 50 minutes $350.00. Used 16 Oz soils and Oils, 4 gallons water, Hos Orbot.  Dry in 30 minutes Client thrilled."  ~TOM Mc MANUS GLENNWOOD, NY


"We love your encap… cleans great, we like that the fragrance is optional, and the cost is tough to beat. Rest assured, we will be ordering lots more soils and oils this year from you….we just need to clear through what's left of our current product, then we are planning on transitioning exclusively to your juice."  ~David Lyall


"The SOE is beyond a doubt the best encap juice I have ever used."  ~Vincent Sapp, real cleaner.


"I chose to use the soils and oils encap for my pre spray for hwe and encap. and have had great results. that way i am certain I am not leaving a residue. I rinse with plain h2o as my chem pump froze and I haven't fixed it yet.  I do use a porty once in a while and I am amazed at just how little soe it takes to clean a carpet when just adding it to rinse water and not pre spraying.  This product is absolutely unbelievable."  ~STAN GILLIAM, SEQUIM, WA


"I've tested just about every encap product under the same conditions. That's a major benefit to me being primarily a janitorial business. I've got almost every fiber and condition combination you could imagine. I keep very detailed notes so I don't get lost. Joe's S/O/E is the most versatile that I've found, even though there are others that are effective as well."  ~MICHAEL JUDD BOWERS, SERVICELAB, KNOXVILLE, TN