Small Size, Huge Performance
With water removal of 75 ppd at AHAM, using 5.5 amps, a 20” by 17” footprint and weighing only 82 lbs., the new Phoenix R150 LGR roto-mold dehumidifier packs large dehumidifier performance into the smallest, lightest, most portable chassis on the market. The R150 combines Phoenix innovation, technical expertise and proven durability into a unit that removes more water, produces higher grain depression and dries structures faster than competitive dehumidifiers. The R150 also comes equipped with patent pending GTR™ technology, extending itsoperating range and providing optimum high-temp performance.
Features include:
• Compact size • Multi-ducting options • Pleated media filter • Energy efficient operation
• Front cord and hose storage • Rotating handle for easy stacking
Phoenix R150