2906301-image.jpgAero Tech Manufacturing Inc. takes great pride in producing the highest quality equipment and delivering the performance and flexibility for the ever changing cleaning and restoration market needs.

For more than 15 years, Aero Tech
has been providing technical support and knowledge to ensure we deliver un- matched cleaning performance with the XT from Aero Tech. We engineer great- ness into every XT that leaves our manufacturing facility.

Creative engineering blends well with quality construction and continued inno- vation to create the most powerful clean- ing system available today. XT technology just keeps getting better, giving you the power and control needed to save time, conserve fuel and increase your profits.

The XT’s simple design and ease of maintenance make the unit versatile. Whether for cleaning, restoration, large jobs or small, this system is ready and reliable day in and day out.

With heat-as-you-drive technology, true dual wand capability, deeper vacuum, customized storage and billboard size advertising wherever you go, the Aero Tech XT makes dollars and sense.

In addition to the XT’s power, its versatility is a real game changer; wherever your next job takes you, whether a residential or commercial carpet or tile and/ or both, the XT offers extreme heat and true dual wand capabilities.

Additionally, the dual pressure regulators allow for cleaning at two different pressures simultaneously. Have a third guy on a crew? A third connection can be utilized for pre-spray application.

Aero Tech’s direct approach to the market removes the middle man and provides a level of customer service and response needed for today’s busy profes- sionals.

Powerful. Simple. Versatile. Reliable. The Aero Tech XT.

• XT’s standard equipment:
• Hydraulic activated transmission PTO
• 6MQ dual splash/sutorbuilt blower, 16-inch Hg 600 cfm at 2,000 rpm
• Fresh water tank: Stainless steel, 150 gallon round with low-level automatic water pump shut-off (heats as you drive)
• Waste tank: Stainless steel, 110 gallon capacity
• Hose reel, vacuum, electric powered, stainless steel (400-foot capacity), furnished with 200 feet of hose
• 12-inch hose reel, solution, non-live, stainless steel, quantity of two furnished, each with 100 feet of hose
• Lint traps, stainless steel, two each
• FRP van body , aluminum flooring
• 210 gallon fresh water tank available (NQR 17,950 only)
• Box fluorescent lighting, three each
• Dual wand hook-up, 2.5-inch inlet connection
• Control panel, stainless steel, indus- trial switches, industrial gauges
• Digital temperature control
• Water pump, 6gpm, 1,500 PSI max
• Seven gallon chemical tank



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