Air-Care Announces Innovative New Product

By David Kellett

February 7, 2014


Las Vegas, NV – Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer, Air-Care, has brought to market the world’s first dual tank  ULV fogging machine. Christened the Max II Dual Tank Fogger, the new machine offers advantages over its predecessor.


About the Max II Dual Tank ULV Fogger

A fogger is an essential piece of gear in various industries, including Jan-San, Fire and Flood Restoration, Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning. The Max II Dual Tank Foggerwas designed with the goal in mind of saving a worker’s time and space.  In a traditional scenario, multiple foggers can be needed on a job, each containing a different solution.

Air Duct Cleaning and Fire Restoration are industries which require that multiple solutions be used on a single job. Its not uncommon for a technician to make extra trips up and down a ladder for refilling the fogger tank, or switching to a different solution. The only other option is to carry two separate foggers. Eliminating the extra trip and/or cargo, as the case may be, is of great benefit to the person doing the job.

In any service business, efficiency is critical. Completing a job in the shortest amount of time possible means more jobs, and more money. Here is a product that will help to reduce your labor cost, while also reducing how much equipment is required on a job.

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About Air-Care

Coming up on their 35th year in business, Air-Care is known worldwide as an innovator in the Air Duct Cleaning industry, and as a partner to Duct Cleaners, Restoration companies, Building Managers and more.

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