By Frank DiGiugno | DiGi Carpet Cleaning, Deptford, NJ

My hack for carpet cleaning over the years is using a common wallpaper remover steamer to remove furniture imprints and restoring the carpet to its original appearance. This works on all types of carpet from Berber to nylon, as well as all synthetic carpet likewise.

I get great results every time using this carpet cleaning hack. In around 15 to 20 seconds, the heat from the wallpaper steamer pops the imprints right out. My customers and rental properties I serve have been using for this method specifically from me for over 20 years.

Depending on the size or job, I get anywhere from $25 to $50 more per room. Sometimes, I even use multiple steamers on larger rooms. This process is safer than using an iron with no chance of burning the carpet. With this hack, carpet looks a lot nicer rather than leaving the deep imprints for the next tenant to worry about. It also restores the carpet to its original state helping to increase the value of the property in new tenants’ eyes. This method looks more professional for property managers moving tenants into the space and gives off the illusion of new carpet without the cost of putting in new carpet after every move.

To begin using this strategy yourself, you will need to first find the steamer that works best for your needs. Varying sizes and styles are available. These steamers are commonly used to remove wallpaper and can be found on most online auctions for under $75. At that price, it’s a great add-on to make money for your business.

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