After more than 30 years, it was no surprise people noticed. From the many emails and phone calls, I knew the industry was upset. Rightly so. Where had Cleanfax magazine gone?

“Where’s my Cleanfax?” one inquired.

“I might need to resubscribe,” another said.

“Can you send me the last two copies? I didn’t get them,” a long-time subscriber asked in a mild panic.

The queries were coming in.


In November of 2016, Cleanfax magazine went offline. Grand View Media, the company that owned the Cleanfax brand, decided to exit the cleaning and restoration industries to concentrate on other media platforms the company owned.

Suddenly, in a blink of a figurative eye, we had a gaping hole when it comes to an impartial voice for cleaning and restoration professionals. Something had to be done and quickly.

And then swooped in ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. ISSA is a powerful trade organization that works diligently to unite the cleaning industry. Now it, with the acquisition of Cleanfax, will use its influence to help unite the restoration industry as well.

What this means to you as a faithful reader and subscriber of Cleanfax magazine

While you benefitted from Cleanfax in the past, you can look forward to many more benefits in the future. With the resources of the ISSA, and following our same proven business model, specifically for the combined cleaning and restoration industries, get ready for expanded news coverage, more videos, specific “how-to” technical tips, management and operations articles, marketing and sales feature stories… and much more.

Yes, Cleanfax is back and ready for action.

The Cleanfax impact

I’d like to take a moment to explain what Cleanfax really is and the impact it has on our industry.

First, Cleanfax is a media brand, and although our flagship publication is a print magazine, we provide much expanded coverage digitally, just as do other media offerings in today’s changing world. As your dedicated media voice, we combine our print magazine, website, e-newsletters, videos, social media platforms and more to deliver what you need to better build your cleaning and restoration companies.

Second, Cleanfax is a media brand that covers both cleaning and restoration. We are not a “carpet cleaning magazine,” although cleaning is obviously very important to our brand. Look at the pages in this issue. Whether you are a cleaning contractor, a restoration contractor or work in both segments of the industry, the topics fit your needs.

In each issue of Cleanfax magazine, and with every time you receive an electronic newsletter or visit our website, you will find what you need for your professional and business growth.

Cleanfax is your media brand. My cell number is 740-973-4236, and my email is [email protected]. Reach out to me, and let me know if there is something you would like to see covered. I’ll listen.

Jeff Cross