WEST YORKSHIRE, GREAT BRITAIN—January 6, 2020—The WoolSafe Organization has released its Winter 2019/20 edition of WoolSafe News Magazine. The magazine provides useful information for rug and carpet cleaners about cleaning research, new products, upcoming events, and training opportunities.

In this issue, you can read a recap of the WoolSafe Conference USA, which took place in Las Vegas in September. More than 70 attendees participated in hands-on technical training and demonstrations, including a demonstration by Robert Mann on rug repair. Plans are underway for WoolSafe North America to attend The Experience Conference in Cincinnati, April 1-3, 2020.

Also featured in WoolSafe News Winter 2019/20 is an article that explores the effects of different pre-set pH levels on color bleeding in wool dyed yarn. Additionally, the Winter issue provides information about new WoolSafe associates and service providers, as well as newly approved WoolSafe products.

To read the WoolSafe News Winter 2019/20 Issue in its entirety, click here. You can also find previous issues of WoolSafe News and more information at https://www.woolsafe.org/.

WoolSafe Events

Additionally, WoolSafe has numerous conferences and training courses planned for the upcoming year:

The Rug Revenue Workshop and Conference, hosted by WoolSafe Academy and Textile Pro Network, will take place in Cincinnati on April 4, 2020, following The Experience Conference. For details and registration information, click here.

The WoolSafe Educational Conference UK 2020 will take place in Worcestershire, England, June 11-12, 2020. For details and registration information, click here.

Additional information about training courses and events, including online and distance learning opportunities, is available at www.WoolSafeAcademy.org.

The WoolSafe Organization is a cleaning industry service provider that promotes best practices in carpet and rug care through product evaluation and certification, education and training, and the promotion of professional cleaning and inspection services.

Established in 1991, the WoolSafe Certification Mark represents products as being safe and effective for carpet care based on WoolSafe’s testing and standards. Many cleaning chemical suppliers use the certification mark to identify and promote those carpet care products specifically suitable for use on wool.