LAS VEGAS — The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recently released the Winter 2017 Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection issue, according to a press release.

The new issue, available online now, offers peer-reviewed, technical articles with which industry carpet cleaners, restorers and other professionals within the larger industry can improve their knowledge, skills and techniques.

Within the journal, readers will find article topics ranging from an outline of high-performance cleaning to a study of the effectiveness of different approaches to wildfire decontamination, and more

Topics in the Winter 2017 Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection include:

Mold Regrowth After Effective Remediation

by Nolan Wells, BSME, and Ralph E. Moon, Ph.D., CHMM, CIAQP

Many causes lead to mold growth on indoor surfaces after a successful water damage restoration/remediation project. Some are generally or entirely unrelated to the project. The authors examine 12 possibilities.

Characteristics of High-Performance Carpet Cleaning

By Michael A. Berry, Ph.D.

Over the past 25 years, several scientific studies have looked at the efficacy of carpet cleaning. The author describes the studies and outlines the characteristics of effective or high-performance carpet cleaning.

Post-Restoration Verification Sampling of Wildfire Smoke Contaminants

By Joe C. Spurgeon, Ph.D.

A field study was undertaken to assess the effectiveness of various approaches to wildfire decontamination. The author of the study describes the sampling methodology and the results of the study.

To view the Winter 2017 Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection, please CLICK HERE.