Some restoration contractors have never heard of NORRP, and what the goals are of the group. I thought I would clear the air a bit.

The reason the National Organization of Restoration and Remediation Professionals (NORRP) was created was for the contractor and what he needs to be successful.

There are many groups on social media platforms; some are for financial gain, others for ego and personal ideas, and fewer for personal growth. The NORRP organization started from a few restorers who were upset about the amount of misinformation or altered information for personal gain. We wanted something more.

There are many areas that need structure in our industry, and who better to define them than the restoration contractors themselves. We are built by restoration professionals for restoration professionals. Our social media platform is a free site managed to help restorers talk, debate and learn from the successes and failures of other contractors across the world. It’s a place of questions and answers. Building off each other will only make us unified, competent restorers. We are a true grass-roots effort, avoiding profiteering to keep our goals free of financial gain.

We just wrapped up our mini convention “Elevate” in Atlanta the day before The Experience. It was a great start to the week. We had a packed house for 12 hours of some of the greatest minds in the industry. The energy coming from this event is the reason we are here. The support of our sponsors and our members are the ones who make this happen.

Our focus is to bring the industry to the next level through training, support and outreach to all restorers, including independents and franchises, TPA and non – TPA contractors. The restorer will make or break our industry. Competent, hands-on training, networking, and structured performance is the best way to become a unified, professional industry.

I’ll leave you with a challenge: Be the best at your craft, never settle, and always follow the “Standard of Care.” knowledge is key. Let us grow together!


James Taylor