NEW CASTLE, Pa.—March 26, 2020—Whittaker, an industry leader in low-moisture carpet cleaning, recently released an educational infographic on the importance of sanitizing carpet during an outbreak. Importantly, the infographic points out that carpet cannot be disinfected (like hard surfaces), but it can be deeply cleaned and sanitized. According to Whittaker, dirty carpet can harbor pollutants, and viruses like the coronavirus may be able to remain on carpet for several hours or possibly even a few days. Deep cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, including carpet sanitation, is important during an outbreak to maintain human health and safety.

Whittaker’s infographic details the cleaning equipment and processes needed to thoroughly clean and sanitize carpet, including a vacuum with a HEPA filter, proper chemistry, a low-moisture encapsulation machine, and counterrotating polypropylene brushes. View and download the full carpet sanitation infographic below.

carpet sanitation

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Founded in 1961 by Richard Whittaker, the R.E. Whittaker Company grew from a local janitorial supply distributor to an industry leader in the field of low-moisture carpet cleaning methods. The company’s innovative Crystal Dry® encapsulation cleaning technology was introduced as a more effective, safer, and more environmentally sustainable option to traditional cleaning methods. Today Whittaker continues to develop cleaning techniques and chemicals, as well as an objective appearance measurement system that can be used to determine cleaning frequencies and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning programs on-site. For more information, visit