MINNEAPOLIS — November 3, 2018 — The makers of When I Work, a scheduling app for the hourly workforce, is introducing a new product: Hire. Serving small and medium-sized businesses that employ hourly workers, Hire is a mobile service for tracking applicants and on-boarding new employees. The service will be released in time for employers to use as they compete for workers during the holiday hiring season.

“We’ve watched the global hourly workforce hit the digital tipping point,” said Chad Halvorson, CEO of When I Work. “We know that workers value the efficiency and convenience of mobile-first application processes, which the largest employers can afford to custom-build. Hire will put a streamlined digital applicant tracking process in the hands of the same businesses that use When I Work — small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Hourly employers can use Hire to create and share job postings, manage candidate screening, and hire employees all within the When I Work hourly scheduling app. When I Work is used by more than 1.4 million hourly workers in over 100,000 workplaces. Employers who use When I Work are currently hiring more than 30,000 new employees per week. They will all have a chance to use Hire, which will be available free to existing When I Work customers through the end of 2018.

In the U.S. alone, hourly workers represent more than 60 percent of the total workforce — an estimated 78 million workers. Hire will let them apply for jobs using an application that takes less than a minute to fill out. Employers will save time by collecting and managing all applications in one place. The software will also allow teams to collaborate and leave notes as they evaluate candidates and move applicants through the hiring process. New employees are then automatically added to the When I Work schedule.

With the addition of Hire, the When I Work app allows users to schedule, track time, find and hire new employees, and communicate with hourly employees. This mobile-first solution works on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. For more information, visit https://wheniwork.com/.