BOISE, ID — The Housekeeping Channel has announced its support of the IEHA Media Assistance Program (IMAP) which aims to make, in time, all 3,200 IEHA members Press hub Delegates (PhDs), according to the press release.

"The Housekeeping Channel values the treasure trove of housekeeping expertise possessed by IEHA's 3,200 members, and with the cooperation of the nonprofit IEHA, is eager to tap this resource to help both the trade and consumer media," said Allen Rathey, founder of The Housekeeping Channel.

"We know from internal discussions that IEHA members strongly desire to apply their 'IEHA Education' to meet the public’s need for factual information, provide information to the press, and receive recognition and coverage," said Beth Risinger, chief executive officer (CEO) and executive director of IEHA. "It is our intent to help fill the media’s need for expert information around better housekeeping and public health."

To become an IEHA Member and participate in IEHA's IMAP program, email

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