NORTHBROOK, Ill.—January 23, 2020—ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) announces two Supervisor and Management Boot Camp training opportunities in February to be held in Dallas, Texas and Portland, Oregon.

The Boot Camp program covers topics such as leadership skills and communication, especially conflict resolution and handling difficult complaints. It also covers the different levels of supervision, team structures, task assignments, quality inspections, equipment selection processes, cleaning system designs, workloading, staffing, production rates, task performance inspections, cleanliness audits, establishing a facility benchmark, safety regulations, and cleaning standards. Also included are effective methods to evaluate chemicals and equipment, better processes for purchasing decisions, and ROI calculations.

“On top of cleaning for appearances, the program provides in-depth information about issues related to cleaning for health,” said Mark Warner, education manager with CMI. “As we all like to stress, there is more to it than just cleaning to make things look and smell nice. It’s more about maintaining human health and safety and mitigating the spread of infectious diseases while protecting and preserving the facility’s assets, including the floors and expensive furniture or equipment. It’s easy to see why a person with this certification would be so highly desired in the cleaning industry, as well. The training necessary in order to be an exceptionally good supervisor is an area that tends to get missed or overlooked.”

The Supervisor and Management Boot Camp will take place February 11-12, 2020 in Dallas, Texas and February 25-26, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Managers, supervisors, and current or aspiring leads are encouraged to attend. Attendees will learn how to improve leadership attributes, lower staff turnover, enhance customer service skills, and further your career pathway. In addition, you will learn the value of clean, organizational safety, how to improve daily routines and organizational strategies, and how to sharpen technical and soft skills involved in cleaning, maintaining, and servicing facilities.

The Boot Camp is designed to improve your entire management skillset, and you will be able to implement positive changes and adjustments within your cleaning operation. In addition, what you learn can be transferred to key personnel you supervise, which will continue to increase productivity and enhance cleaning.

Registration for the Supervisor and Management Boot Camp includes all course materials, exam grading, certification exam, refreshments, and lunch. The cost is $1,099 for ISSA members and $1,599 for non-members. For more information, visit the Boot Camp training page. To register, visit the registration page or email

Besides the Supervisor and Management Boot Camp, don’t miss the opportunity to continue your education and increase the productivity of your entire cleaning operation. Join your peers at ISSA Show North America, October 27-29, 2020 in Chicago.