Online Poll: Streaming Platform Advertising

As platforms like Hulu begin adding advertising tools for small businesses, our latest poll asks if your company would consider advertising on streaming services.

Streaming Platform Advertising

NORTHBROOK, Ill.—March 18, 2021Video streaming service Hulu announced last year it would launch a self-service ad platform for small- and mid-sized businesses to place their companies’ messaging in front of potential customers on the platform, and this tool will soon enter a beta testing phase. These streaming platform advertising campaigns would start at $500, according to CNBC, and companies would be allowed to upload their own advertisements, though help from Hulu will be available.

With the decline of real-time television viewing and the rise of streaming services and online advertising, the majority of small businesses long ago wrote off “TV spots” as a viable marketing tool, but do self-service ad platforms on major streaming services reopen that advertising method? Would you advertise on Hulu or another streaming platform?

The latest Cleanfax Online Poll asks you exactly that. Is streaming platform advertising something you’d do?

Take part in the latest online poll on streaming platform advertising below:

Would you advertise on streaming platforms like Hulu?

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Participation takes only a moment of your valuable time. While your response is confidential, your answer just might help another person in our industry make a business decision or find solace in shared misery. Take a moment to share your thoughts with the latest Cleanfax Online Poll regarding COVID-19 surcharges above.

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