HUNTSVILLE, AL — Frigid cleanup efforts are underway in areas where cold temperatures have frozen and bursting water pipes, according to WAFF-TV.

The frigid temperatures and sudden indoor floods has meant a busy time for restoration crews who rush in to do cleanup and repairs after property damage, the article stated.

According to the article, companies have their work cut out for them when temperatures dip suddenly and dangerously, with many buildings soaked with no warning with water pipes and sprinkler systems can’t hold up to the temperatures.

"You have to remove building materials that are obviously not salvageable, and you have to get the water out and try to get the drying process started," said Darrell Riley with ABC Cleaning and Restoration.

As shocking as the mess was to everyone caught in the middle of it, it wasn't a surprise to Riley who said he saw this coming as soon as he saw the weather forecast, the article noted.

"It was when I saw that it was going to be that cold and we were going to deal with that for close to 72 hours that I knew, ‘okay, we were going to have some issues,'" Riley added.

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