BLOOMINGTON, IN — June 24, 2018 — The restoration industry has lost a well-known representative with the death of Mack Clark, who suffered an unexpected decline in health before passing on June 24 at age 78.

In honor of his father, Mack Clark’s son, Brian Clark, wrote the following reflection on his life and devotion to the industry:

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Mack passed away over the weekend.  His health had suffered some setbacks typical of folks in their later 70s, but his recent decline was not predictable and was a surprise to everyone.

A gifted management systems guy, Mack added business planning to his talents while working at Honeywell in the late ‘60s. Mack worked hard for his clients and built his consulting firm through speaking. He would often reflect about his earlier days in business with: “I’d give a seminar to groups large or small,” as he put it, “in a conference hall or in a phone booth if someone was willing to squeeze in there with me.”

Mack entered the cleaning industry somewhat by happenstance. While consulting with a carpet cleaner, Mack noticed big checks received for floods and specialty cleaning work. The light went on for Mack, and the restoration industry became his focus from that moment on. 

The consulting program took on the name “Service Team of Professionals” in the mid ‘90s and later franchised in order to grant protected territories and group buying.  Mack changed a great many lives with his logical direction and guidance. He was an unbelievable giver and many people live better lives thanks to his hard work and dedication to the industry and to his clients and franchisees.

Mack was my father. He was also the father of restoration marketing. He brought a sophistication to the service industry like no one before him.

His humor and generosity will be missed. In lieu of flowers or donations, Mack would want us all to “go marketing.”