Rug Summit 10 News and Updates

Rug Summit 10 welcomes Jim Bardwell and leaders of The Woolsafe Organization.

ANN ARBOR, MI — Rug Summit 10, scheduled for September 29-30 in the Detroit area, has updated its presentations and added two new speakers.

Jim Bardwell will be the featured opening presenter, at 8:45 a.m. Thursday. He will discuss the topic of “EmployeePrenur Philosophy” and address the following questions: Do you have Employees? Do you want to hire new Employees? Do you wish you never heard the word Employee? Do you want engaged Employees? Do you want productive Employees? Do you want Employees that get it?

At 11 a.m. Thursday, the Rug Summit team will welcome Paul Bakker, the chairman of The WoolSafe Organization, along with Dr. Ágnes Zsedna, the managing director. They will personally reveal test results of Di-Chlor dilutions during washing of wool rugs.

Friday’s concluding keynote address will feature Bardwell on “We came… We did… We’re done…Now What!” and discuss three things you must do (and one you shouldn’t do) immediately on your return back to life after this industry conference.

Rug Summit 10 in the metro Detroit area this September will offer a chance to learn how improve upon employee relations and other business-centric topics as well as a chance to experience legendary networking and learning opportunities.

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September’s Rug Summit 10 agenda now available

Rug Summit 10

rug summit 10

This year’s Centrum Force Rug Summit will be a fun celebration of the event’s tenth anniversary. Rug washers from across the country (and internationally) will share their proven techniques and secrets at the event. Some of the topics that will be covered at Rug Summit 10 will include:

  • The latest equipment and techniques for maximum throughput
  • Color stripping techniques
  • Color dye and color restoration
  • Over dye techniques to meet market demands
  • Discussion on chemistry usage: colloidal and various protectants
  • Panel of experts to handle questions and answers
  • Marketing changes and what to consider for the future
  • Maximizing your website’s and social media effectiveness
  • What interior designers are looking for from rug cleaners

The complete agenda is available HERE.

Included in the registration cost is entrance for both days, lunch and refreshments onsite for attendees during each day, and food and beverages Thursday night.

*Attendance size is limited.

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