CHICAGO—October 31, 2019—The Restoration Industry Association’s (RIA) Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA) Committee has made some important strides in its mission to advocate for the restoration industry. First, RIA has appointed Ed Cross, Esq. as the official Restoration Contractor Advocate representing the AGA committee. In addition to Cross’s appointment, the RIA Board of Directors also approved the first AGA position on third-party administrator (TPA) changes in scope to prevent inconsistencies between contractors, third-party administrators, and insurance carriers.

Cross’s appointment as Restoration Contractor Advocate fulfills step four of the AGA “Blueprint,” a plan created to provide a systematic process to advance the AGA mission. Cross will now be empowered to take carefully crafted position statements from the industry and advocate at the highest levels.

“I am excited to have Ed Cross in the role of Restoration Contractor Advocate,” said Lee King, CR, RIA board president. “Ed is not only the most qualified individual for this position, but he also carries a deep passion for our craft.”

RIA’s position on third-party administrators is an essential step in resolving disagreements when the TPA staff requests a revision, believing the request is based on contractual controlling documents, while the contractor often remains unaware if the controlling documents apply or may disagree with the interpretation of them.

“Creating a standard to resolve the issues between contractors, TPAs, and insurance companies is the first of many concerns we seek to eliminate in the restoration industry,” said Ed Cross, Esq.

The RIA’s AGA committee is the restoration industry’s first unified advocacy team. It seeks to unite the restoration industry and advocate for the best interests of restoration contractors and develop and implement strategies to help create and maintain equity between restorers and insurers and their partners. Learn more at

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