HAMILTON, OH — After Superstorm Sandy, many businesses around the U.S. began to realize that they need to plan for extreme weather events — even if they have never experienced such an event in the past, according to a press release.

According to the release, Kaivac Inc. has provided a list of steps to help businesses prepare for hurricanes or other major disasters:

Disaster preparedness tip #1: Protect your team. After a natural disaster, the only thing that cannot be replaced is people. If a hurricane or similar disaster is forecast, ask workers to go home and stay there.

Disaster preparedness tip #2: Ensure your ability to communicate. Establish an emergency communication plan. The plan should include designating a team responsible for communicating with all workers and vendors should an emergency occur.

Disaster preparedness tip #3: Backup all data. All business data should be backed up and stored in safe data centers or using cloud services. The ability to access this data must also be part of the plan.

Disaster preparedness tip #4: Don't expect help. At least in the early stages of a major weather event, there may be few police, fire, or ambulatory services available.

Disaster preparedness tip #5: Conduct a test. If you are serious about preparing for an emergency, having some type of drill or test on an annual basis is crucial.

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