NORTHBROOK, IL — November 9, 2018 — The days of performing only one or two services are long behind (most) of us. Modern carpet cleaning and restoration companies offer a host of ancillary services to keep their businesses competitive, offer customers a one-stop shop, and bring in maximum revenue.

For this reason, industry companies tend to always be on the look out for new services to add, and we at Cleanfax try to cover as many potential ancillary services as possible. There are important aspects of add-on services to take into account when considering adding to your lineup: What extra training or equipment is required, how popular it is or is starting to be, how difficult it will be to implement, how much money it’s likely to bring in, and more. We know it can be a tough decision.

In our latest Cleanfax Online Poll, we want to know which consideration is most important when deciding whether to add new ancillary services to your menu. Participation takes only a moment of your valuable time. While your response is confidential, your answer just might help another person in our industry make find solace in shared misery. Take a moment to share your thoughts with the latest Cleanfax Online Poll regarding your carpet and restoration company’s biggest challenge.

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