NORTHBROOK, IL—June 19, 2019—We talk about bettering your SEO rankings all the time in the magazine and online. It’s a topic essential to running a successful business—as well as one that business owners hate dealing with.

Whether you hire a company to run keep your SEO in tip-top shake, have an employee in house who takes care of it, or do it all yourself (That’s especially tough!), it’s an issue always at the top of any business owner’s mind thanks to the proliferation of internet searches for services.

We’re wondering how much SEO costs on average in our specific industries. This isn’t about lead-generation like pay-per-click costs; we’re just talking about what you actually pay to maintain those high rankings you surely aim for.

In our latest Cleanfax Online Poll, we’d like to hear from you about just this issue. Tell us how much SEO costs your company each year below.

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What are your company's yearly SEO costs?

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Participation takes only a moment of your valuable time. While your response is confidential, your answer just might help another person in our industry make a business decision.

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