OXFORD, MS —June 8, 2018 — Restoration project management software creator Next Gear Solutions has released a new downloadable white paper titled “Managing Airflow in Water Mitigation Projects,” which is currently available at www.nextgearsolutions.com/whitepapers-managing-airflow.

The white paper offers a review of the structural material and contents drying process via enhancing evaporation, as well as the role airflow plays in controlling the drying speed.

“Managing Airflow in Water Mitigation Projects” was written by well-known restoration industry instructor Brandon Burton. Burton is an IICRC instructor of Applied Structural Drying and Water Damage Restoration courses, the vice chair of the ANSI/IICRC S500 standard consensus body, vice president of technical applications for Next Gear Solutions, and a frequent Cleanfax contributor.

In the white paper, Burton explores the role air-flow plays in controlling the speed of evaporation. He also reviews the science related to evaporation and air-flow and reviews current industry standards and practices. The paper concludes by outlining drying best practices and the need to maintain effective and efficient airflow as a core technician skill set.

“The core objective of a water mitigation project is to remove excess water from an indoor environment,” Next Gear noted. “As a professional in the restoration industry, your primary goal is to use cost-effective methods and procedures to reduce the damages that can result from wet conditions.” The goal of this white paper is to help restorers meet this core objective.

Download is available for free at www.nextgearsolutions.com/whitepapers-managing-airflow.