ISSA Media Editorial Director Jeff Cross met up with Dan York of Water Damage Marketing during The Experience Conference and Exposition 2019 to discuss whether there is a marketing “magic bullet” and how multiple marketing forms can create greater return on marketing efforts.

“There is no such thing, ever, as a magic bullet that’s going to create a successful company. There are things that are going to be more successful than others, but there’s not just going to be a one-shot kill,” York says in the video. “It’s funny because on Facebook and Instagram, with all these gurus who are marketing all this stuff to you all the time, they really want you to think there’s a magic bullet, but in actuality it just doesn’t exist.”

He goes on to say, “Aside from the whole point of just doing a good job, which I hate to say that’s assumed, but let’s just say it’s assumed, you really want to do six strategies.”

York says the number one strategy for a business really depends on the individual business, that marketing for restoration businesses is simply not a one-size-fits-all thing. “There’s a lot of variances that every business owner will have to go through to figure out [what’s best for them].”

See the full video, “Multi-Marketing Forms with Dan York,” above.

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