LOS ANGELES – Extreme rainstorms and flash flooding in Southern California over the weekend resulted in a mudslide late Sunday, which left one man dead and many stranded, according to an article from Reuters.

Monday morning found rescuers in the area working to find anyone still trapped in their cars or homes and helping residents clean up their damaged properties.

Reports say one man was killed, though no others were injured, despite that more than 2,500 were stranded by swift and rising waters overnight.

Dozens of homes and business were destroyed or damaged, and roads were blocked by feet of mud and downed power lines, according to ABC News.

Those affected are currently being helped by the American Red cross.

"We had a freak summer storm that brought a lot of rain in a very short amount of time," Chris Prater, San Bernardino, CA firefighter and public information officer, told Reuters. "The ground cannot absorb that much water and you have these flash floods as a result."